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What Are NFL Authentic Football Jerseys?

For the true football fan nothing beats an NFL authentic football jersey. They are the highest quality jersey you can buy. When game day rolls around, these are the actual jerseys that the players are wearing on the field.

Reebok has the official license for manufacturing NFL authentic jerseys. Constructed with heavy mesh material, they are either double or triple stitched (depending on the team) for extra durability. These jerseys are the only jersey of its kind that features Spandex Gussets, which are side panels that allow for extra strength and expansion.

Stitched numbers, lettering and external logos are all part of the authentic jersey. They also come with a drop tail, an NFL equipment loop label and an NFL equipment logo embroidered into the collar.

Authentic jerseys because they are the highest quality jersey available do result in a higher price tag. They can range from $180 to $300 and a little more for 3X, 4X and 5X sizes. You can also customize NFL authentic jerseys with your favorite number, player or name.

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